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Too often, building owners invest into a high quality waterproof roofing, but forget to invest in quality roofing insulation. While many commercial buildings invest in a durable, waterproof roofing material, some business owners forget to invest in proper roofing insulation. Here are a few things to consider if your roof is completely uninsulated or under insulated.

Proper Roof Insulation will Contribute to Lower Utility Bills

The main purpose of roofing insulation is to keep warm or cool air within your structure. Whether opperating a cooling system in the summer or a heating system in the winter, insulation reduces the effort of your temperature management system saving you on your gas or electric bill.

Quality Roof Insulation Provides Better Fire Safety

Whether a residential building, or a commercial building, nothing can be more devastating that a structural fire.  Should a structural fire occur, quality roofing insulation will create an effective barrier between your building and roofing material and will may protect your roof material from catching fire. Most major insulation manufactures produce products that are fire resistant.

Roof Insulation will Prevent the Growth of Mold

Controlling the climate in large buildings can create an incredible amount of moisture. Humid air can become trapped under a roof from both heating and cooling systems. If your roof does not have well installed quality insulation, moisture will condense and begin to foster mold growth.  Most major insulation manufacturers create mold resistant products that will protect your building and general air quality.

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Contact Chris Miller Roofing today for a free insulation appraisal or for a general roofing inspection.  Chris Miller is the leading Roofing Insulation Installer in Mars and Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.  Don’t let moisture or air circulation problems put a damper on your comfort.  Chris Miller Roofing will identify any roofing or insulation concerns on your property, provide a fast and honest estimate, and complete your repairs with top quality and speed.

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